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Holiday shopping season is well underway, and I know for some of us the most dreaded part of it all is pushing past the bargain hunters only to wait in never-ending lines at the register so we can purchase presents that we’re not even sure our friends and family will actually appreciate.

shop till you drop!

This year, why not forget all that nonsense and look outside the gift box?

The answer: gift a cooking gadget!

One of my most memorable gifts as a child was an Easy Bake Oven when I was about ten years old. The notion that I could make something delicious on my own was empowering and I proudly baked desserts for anyone who was brave enough to sample them. The kitchen is a wonderful place for children to learn and families to bond, so a cooking or baking gadget is the perfect present to bring people together over a common love for food.

Two gadgets in particular that are not only fun and fabulous for adults but also exciting for children are the Zoku Quick Pop Maker and the Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press. Both available from Sur La Table for under $50 with the added bonus of online shopping as to avoid the madness of the mall!

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker, priced at $49.95, comes with a compact base that is easy to store in your freezer and makes tasty frozen treats within seven minutes!

Homemade Ice Pops

You can use juices, yogurt and even fresh fruit. Just take the base from the freezer when you’re ready to use it, add your ingredients and wait for the homemade ice pops to solidify. But beware of brain-freeze!

The Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press, available for $30, comes with a small case to make storage convenient. With 14 cookie discs, you can make perfectly formed holiday treats, which make delicious gifts of their own! One click of the press makes a cookie, all you have to worry about is filling the press with the dough. And it also comes with six decorating tips so you can frost your finished product.

Kuhn Rikon Cookie Press

So leave the cookie-cutters in the past and get modernized with this high tech, yet so simple to use cookie press.

Many more holiday kitchen gadget ideas are available from Sur La Table!

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