Get Involved

The center of our events comes from its people. They are the purveyors of style, culture, and taste. Get involved in one of our events and help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer that touches so many people we know and love.


Participate: We’re making it easy for you to sign up your restaurant, bakery, café, or supermarket for Bakes for Breast Cancer 20120! Register for Boston Bakes, Cape & Islands Bakes and Rhode Island Bakes this year before October 15, 2020. Once you are registered, we will list you on our website and social media pages as a participant.


Eat & Enjoy: Check out the full list of our participants for Boston Bakes, Cape & Island Bakes and Rhode Island Bakes 2020 Breast Cancer touches so many men and women we love, there is no sweeter way to help raise money for breast cancer. During the week of Boston Bakes, Cape and Islands Bakes and Rhode Island Bakes, visit our participants often and save room for their desserts with a purpose! Can’t make it out? Shop Boston, Shop Cape Cod and Shop Rhode Island  and have desserts shipped to you, your friends and family!


Volunteer: Our mission is driven by hosting events that benefit breast cancer research. We want to create new traditions where people can gather, have fun and raise funds. We could not continue to have successful bakes sales and sweet weeks, year after year, without the help of interns and volunteers.


Donate: You don’t have to wait until one of our events to help us raise money for breast cancer research. You can help by making a donation any time, any day and in any amount!  Donate in honor of those fighting breast cancer and in the memory of those we have lost.



Bake Sale: This event was designed for the baker who wants to help make a difference anytime and anyplace! By organizing a bake sale with friends, family or coworkers, you can help us raise money for breast cancer research throughout the year.  This event is perfect for schools, sororities, sports teams, companies and any person or group of people who wants to raise money for a cure! All you have to do is register your bake sale and we will send you all of the materials you will need for a successful event.


Sponsor: Bakes for Breast Cancer is looking for companies and foundations who believe in our mission and want to help our organization reach new heights. Your support will enable us to strengthen our annual events and bring more awareness to the cause, all while helping us support breast cancer research.





Share Your Story: We created this platform as a place to share stories of courage and inspiration. Our hope is that your words will inspire others and uplift the spirit of our Bakes for Breast Cancer community. Share your story with us!


“Without additional funding from organizations such as Bakes for Breast Cancer, we could lose the next generation of breast cancer researchers to other fields of study.” Craig A. Bunnell, Chief Medical Officer, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute