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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is soon approaching and we are excited to be kicking off a new event the First Annual Office Bake Sale!

We know how much everyone loves sweets at the office! Now the sweets at your office can help raise money for breast cancer! Your office can help make a difference in the fight against breast cancer that touches so many we know and love just by having you and your coworkers bring desserts to your office, every day during the month of October!. Sell the sweets to your coworkers as a part of the Office Bake Sale and raise money for breast cancer!

How does it work? Very simply!
Download our calendar and have your coworkers sign up for a day during the month of October to bring in a dessert, homemade or purchased! Just leave the donation jar with the desserts and watch the treats disappear and the donation jar fill!

Then after October is over, go on line to make your Office Bake Sale Donation or mail your donation to Bakes for Breast Cancer, P.O. Box 920748, Needham, MA 02492.

These sweets can make a real impact! Please join us in baking one sweet at a time. Share this with your friends and challenge them to the #OfficeBakeSale! Help us raise more money for breast cancer!

We are looking forward to seeing your office selfies and desserts photos on all of our social media and yours as well! Help us spread the word! Let’s take this Office Bake Sale to the next level! Please use the #OfficeBakeSale @Bakes4bc .

Ready? We know you are!

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