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Fair Food

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I am an avid junk foodie!  With my daughter grown and no longer taking her to the fair, it has been years since I have been to the Barnstable County Fair.  But this year I was going back!  I was in fast, junk, food heaven!  There were some new food stands like mac & cheese and everything chocolate! You can find lobster rolls and healthier choices if you so desire. But the stands I remember were in the same place as I left them all those years ago!  Ray’s French Fries were as good as I remember!  Ray’s makes great french fries. The two stands with Italian sausages were nearby just as they have been for over 20 years.   Oh yes, I had one too!  The best strawberry sundae truck was half the size as I remember.  Although the strawberry sundae was excellent, I missed seeing the gigantic bowl of the fresh strawberry sauce that drew me to them in years passed only to see a small container of their famous strawberry topping sitting on a back counter.

Was it worth the trip? You bet ya!  It was too late to get a cotton candy made fresh since the machine was closed for the night and having cotton candy in a bag was not an option for me.   While walking out, I saw great desserts including whoopee pies and the biggest fried dough I have ever seen!   But some foods will just have to wait to next year!

So to every junk foodie, a fair is a great place to go to get everything you can possibly want in one place!  If you need more money to enjoy your favorite foods, the fair even has an atm!

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