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Some people are shy when it comes to adding a peppery punch to their tuna salad. But personally, I like to spice things up in the kitchen.

Last week, as I was whipping up an omelette, I noticed the sub-par abilities of my pepper mill. I cranked and cranked, but the pepper only scantily dusted my breakfast.

And so, my hunt for the perfect mill began.

As I was browsing Williams-Sonoma online, I came across the Trudeau Graviti Electric Salt and Pepper Mills. Forget the old, out-dated mill that requires you to grind by hand. The Trudeau mills do all the work for you.

All you have to do is turn the mill upside down and the blades inside the machine will begin turning. A hefty amount of sea salt or pepper will spill onto your plate with just a turn of the wrist. Once it looks like enough, simply turn the mill right-side up and the blades will stop spinning.

Trudeau Graviti Electric salt and pepper mills from

Each mill requires six AAA batteries, which are included upon purchase. Rechargeable batteries are recommended.

These salt and pepper mills are highly reviewed by users and will make adding a little spice to your life a whole lot easier. Reviewers rave that they’re the best salt and pepper mills available. You can use them to cook up savory dishes or keep them on the kitchen table to spice up every meal.

They are available at Williams-Sonoma and for $39.95 each. Mills that combine salt and pepper grinders into one unit are also available.

So stop twisting and grinding with little results, and instead check out the electric side of the mill. It could be just what you’ve been missing. Or a great gift for someone who loves to cook!

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