Want a reasonably priced Italian restaurant with good food; check out Sagra, a Boston Bakes participant for the past several years! I never had a chance to go to their restaurant in Somerville but had a chance recently to visit their new Dedham location the first weekend of the New Year!

Being a holiday weekend, the restaurant was a bit quiet but the food and the prices did not disappoint! It was nice to go to a reasonable priced restaurant with good food. We had a very enjoyable meal starting with the chicken wings which got such rave reviews that we ordered a second order because one was just not enough!  The Arancini were excellent and the Shrimp Pizza was a great Sunday night dinner!

As good as the food was, it was the desserts I enjoyed as well and we sampled the three that were available – a tiramisu, chocolate and lemon cake.  I tried so hard to pick one dessert as my favorite, but it was an impossible task so I kept tasting and tasting until the desserts were all gone!

I am looking forward to going back soon and don’t know to start with dessert first or the shrimp pizza but either way will save room for both!

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