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For all of you that love Oprah and the Centerville Pie Company, they now ship direct!

It was crazy at Centerville Pie Co in Centerville, Massachusetts when I stopped by for lunch last Thursday afternoon less than one week after Kristin Broadley and Laurie Bowen had the surprise of their lives on the stage of the Oprah Show!

The Centerville Pie Co. reminds me of a small luncheonette with a counter and tables, simple and homey!  I sat at the counter next to probably one of the few regulars there.  She said for the past year since August of 2009, things were busy but she has never seen the Pie Co. like it is now!  It has been crazy every day since the airing of the Oprah Show.

So how do they handle this new craziness?  With a smile and grateful for the understanding of their patrons, new and old! I was lucky that when I got there they still had their now famous chicken pot pie as a lunch special.  Others after me were not so lucky but no one I heard complained they just ordered something else and saved room for dessert.  The demand is so strong that it is understandable the Centerville Pie Co. needs a bit of time to adjust and get up to speed!

So what makes this chicken pot pie so special and different?  It is all about the preparation, think of it as a piece of pie filled with just shredded, moist, flavorful chicken! Then you take the gravy and add it on top, serve corn on the side with some cranberry sauce and you have Centerville Pie Co’s famous Chicken Pot Pie!

Don’t forget you must save room for dessert!  A wide variety of pies await you!  Most of those I saw not only saved room for dessert but took home a pie as well.  I am guilty as well but I only had a slice of Banana Cream Pie and took home only one slice.

If you want to order a chicken pot pie you are able to do so, but don’t expect it yet for the next day, they will give you the first date the pie will be available.

I briefly got the chance to meet Kristin and I asked her how do you prepare for something so life changing?  Kristin said you just smile and then she left to do what all hands on owners do – whatever needs to be done.  Off she was to take care of some dirty dishes and shortly after I saw Kristin walk into the Pie Co with bags of ice in hand.

Congratulations to all that make the Centerville Pie Co unique and special!  May the reality of your dreams be everything you want it to be!


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