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Reach to Recovery

We all know that it is so difficult to handle a breast cancer diagnosis and face treatment. Even under the best circumstances when family is the pinnacle of supportive, there is rarely something there for you who knows exactly how you feel. Imagine how much more comforting and understanding someone could be who has gone through exactly what you are facing? How would you find such a support system?
I recently found out that The American Cancer Society runs a fantastic outreach program for breast cancer patients called Reach to Recovery. Through this program, breast cancer patients anywhere from the time …


Choosing Breast Reconstruction

Choosing breast reconstruction  is a choice that not every woman is prepared to make soon after after a diagnosis of breast cancer.
Women opting to have reconstruction need to have a detailed discussion with their surgeons with regard to the risks and benefits of reconstruction. They need to understand that if they are considering reconstruction to maintain their body image that the reconstructed breast will not look exactly like their natural breast.
Women need to know that:

A reconstructed breast will not have the same sensation and feel as the breast it replaces.
Visible incision lines will always be present on the breast, whether …


Benefits of Breast Reconstruction without Implants

The following information appeared in ( explaining the advantages, challenges and follow up care when choosing one’s own tissue for breast reconstruction.
Using one’s own tissue and muscle in reconstruction results in a more natural looking breast that is not vulnerable to the problems that sometimes occur with implants. The shape, feel and contour of a breast reconstructed from a woman’s own tissue more closely resemble the characteristics of a natural breast.
Transferring tissue from the abdomen also results in tightening of the stomach resembling a tummy tuck.
Reconstruction using Flap surgery is more involved than implant surgery.
And, like all major …