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Peachy keen smoothie

A recent study may show that peaches may slow the growth and ability to spread of breast cancer cells. Did you really need an excuse to eat more peaches? But, if you’re stuck in the northeast where we had snow on the ground yesterday (in mid-April!), fresh peaches may be out of the question.
That’s ok! Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables often have more nutrients than their fresh counterparts because they’re frozen at their peak of ripeness? And you know what frozen fruit means…smoothies! This recipe calls for a cup of frozen peaches, which I estimate is about …


Older Women and Aromatase Inhibitors

One of the studies presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Summit in 2011 dealt with the possible cause-effect relationship of severe side effects of aromatase inhibitors in older breast cancer survivors and why so many of these women stop taking these drugs that can help prevent a recurrence.
The study was of particular interest to me as I was put on Arimidex, an aromatase inhibitor, after my second breast cancer. Having been on tamoxifen for five years after my first cancer, I was prepared for side-effects, but didn’t expect them to be as severe as they were. Significant weight gain, …


Navigating Chemotherapy

While the planning tips for getting through radiation are also appropriate for getting through chemotherapy, there are more things to prepare for when getting ready to begin chemotherapy.
From a treatment perspective, your biggest concern will be managing the symptoms you experience following each treatment. From a personal care perspective, you will want to be prepared for the possible loss of hair, not only on your head but your eye lashes and eyebrows. You will also want to prepare your family and friends, husband and children for the potential changes in your personal appearance, energy level,  attitude, moods, ability to participate …