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Boston are you ready for a Chile EVOO Dessert Bake-Off on October 9th?

Join us at the Chile Olive Oil Dessert Bake-Off!
Benefiting Bakes for Breast Cancer, Inc./ Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer
October 9th, 2012 6 PM at the Armory in Somerville
Register today to get your tickets
Space is limited!
Enjoy great desserts made with Chile EVOO!
Life works in interesting ways!  You meet people when you least expect it even if you have yet to meet in person! This is the start of our story and how it came to be that we got involved with the Chile Olive Oil Dessert Bake-Off scheduled for October 9th, 2012 at 6 PM at the Armory in Somerville!
Our friendship …


Delicious Places to Dine in Boston

The winter months can be long and dreary, especially in the harsh wind and gray skies of Boston. Its hard to motivate yourself to go out and about in this weather and as a result a lot of long cold nights are spent cooped up inside your own home.  I want to challenge you today to break this dull dreary winter routine and spice up your dark months by exploring some of the fabulous restaurants that Boston has to offer.  Now I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a connoisseur of Boston restaurant, being a college student with limited accesses around the …


Everything Bars

This is my first actual baking post in a while. If you recall my last few posts have been either purely informational or rather simple and straight forward, I haven’t had a whole lot of time on my hands. However this week as I finally got settled back into my weekly Boston schedule I managed to set aside an afternoon devoted to baking decadence. Since I haven’t baked in a while I had a hard time deciding what to make, I had stacks of recipes I wanted to try but couldn’t figure out which one to choose. Did I want …


Finding New Treats

One of the hardest parts of baking is finding the right recipe. I know that I am very lucky for the fact that I can call my mother at any moment and ask “What’s the best recipe for (insert desired delicious item here)?” and she would answer without missing a beat. She always has the best recipe for everything but that is because she has tried them all. However not everyone has a mother who cooks as much as mine, and not everyone has the time to experiment with recipes the way she does. I know that as a college student, with …


Sweet As Pie

Some may say pie is the perfect dessert. Enjoyed warm, straight from the cooling rack, topped with whipped cream or paired with cool vanilla ice cream. It doesn’t matter how you serve it, pie has become an all-American, always delicious dessert. Everyone has their favorite kind of pie. For me, it’s homemade coconut cream pie.
My 21st Birthday Coconut Cream Pie
At my family Christmas party everyone always saves room for Auntie Judy’s orange, lime, and chocolate pudding pies with the graham cracker crust. Last week for Thanksgiving it was my mother’s sweet-but-tart, out-of-this-world lemon meringue pie that makes my mouth water …


Gail Simmons weighs in on Top Chef Masters.

Bravo’s TV’s “Top Chef Masters” May 11 show had  Gail Simmons, expert judge, food critic, with years of distinguished culinary expertise join expert Chef Curtis Stone, and accomplished food critic James Oseland at the judge’s table.
What excitement to have three culinary powerhouses at the judges table.  I think that all three have masterful communication skills using food language that helps this viewer better understand how each chef’s philosophy and inspiration has been translated to the plate. Not only that, I have an even better perspective of both front and back of the house because of …


Are American’s Ready for Spice Coast?


Are you ready for Fast Causal Indian Food?
This week on America’s Next Great Restaurant, the question was posed, are American’s ready for fast/casual indian food?    After a presenting a “mushy” indian burger for the kids and families meal concept,Sudhir Kandula of Spice Coast was  at judges table.  Judge Bobby Flay, Chef/Restaurant Owner posed the question, “Are American’s ready for fast/casual Indian Cuisine?”
Interestingly,  Chipotle Owner Steve Ells reminded the judges that American families and children learned to love Mexican food, as it is served at Chipotle. In other words, years ago, when Chipotle first opened, the food was different at the onset, but the …