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Life with my Mother

After my father passed away in February of 1966, my mother devoted her life to her two young children ages 9 and 4.  She never dated or wanted to date. Her children and family were her life.  She hated driving and would never take a highway.  If she could get there by back roads she would go! If there were no back roads, it was the Long Island Railroad or a cab!
She loved to shop and did all of our clothes shopping and would bring home bags of clothes for us for us to try on!  She loved jewelry.
I never …


Traveling with your Medications

Whether you are in active treatment, or on medications following active treatment, or need medications for health problems unrelated to breast cancer, traveling can be a challenge if you need to go through security checkpoints.
Should you choose to put your prescription medications in the luggage that you check in at the airport or cruise terminal, you risk of being separated from needed medications due to lost luggage.
Delayed delivery of your luggage can sometimes happen on cruise ships due to the sheer volume of luggage to be delivered to ship’s cabins.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests these …