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Food Television

This week, I’ve been staying at home everyday, sick with a cold. That meant no going out to eat, no baking, and lots of rest, hot tea, and chicken noodle soup. Since I was stuck at home and not at work, I was able to watch some of my favorite food TV shows that play during normal business hours. Here are my top 5 shows on The Food Network.

Of course, I must mention Sweet Genius since I am obsessed with desserts. In each episode, there are four American premier pastry chefs competing in three timed challenges for the grand prize of $10,000. …


July Festivals

This post is coming a little bit late this month, but there are still a few events left to check out this July – there’s even one going on through this weekend. The list for next month will be coming in a couple of weeks so keep an eye out for that. Click on the links for more information and remember to stay hydrated in all this heat!
Boston Foodie Tour (Rose F. Kennedy Greenway) –The food tour takes you around to food-related businesses in a given area with one or more tasting samples at each stop. The Rose F. Kennedy …


The American Baking Competition

If there’s one thing that isn’t lacking on television, it’s cooking shows. There’s Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef for the professional chefs, MasterChef for the home cooks, and Cupcake Wars for cupcake enthusiasts. Of course, these are just a few players in that huge field. There’s something addicting about them – the competition, seeing how people act under pressure, and seeing what they are able to deliver. The American Baking Competition, CBS’ latest cooking show, brings all of that, but in a much nicer way.
The premise of the show is simple: ten home bakers were selected from around the …


Boston Ramen Tour

Lately, all the rave has been about ramen noodles, which appeared on the list of 2013 Food Trends that are spreading across the US. In fact, it’s a major hit in Boston now, as mentioned in Boston Magazine. Like most people, my experience with ramen has been limited to pre-packaged and styrofoam cup versions – a staple back when I lived in the college dorms. Last year, I was introduced to a real bowl of ramen noodles served in a restaurant. Since then, I have tried almost all of the noodle bars in the Boston area and still hungry for more.

My first encounter …


Asia Food Tour: Part 1

I’m finally back from my blogging hiatus, after spending almost a month in Asia! I traveled to Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Taipei, and Guangzhou to sightsee, visit family, and of course, enjoy all the delicious food. It was my first time visiting mainland China (Beijing and Guangzhou) and Taipei, Taiwan. Today’s blog – part 1 – focuses on some good eats in Beijing and Guangzhou. Beijing is the capital of China and historic site where the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and Forbidden City are located. Guangzhou is the third-largest Chinese city (after Shanghai & Beijing), located in Southern China.

The number one must-eat food in …


Boston’s 20 Most Iconic Dishes

Eater Boston (local restaurant blog) recently announced Boston’s 20 Most Iconic Dishes. What I love about this list is that you won’t find typical Boston foods (i.e. baked beans, clam chowder). Instead, Eater carefully selected dishes that are both delicious and unique to Boston’s current food scene. I have already crossed off seven items from the list, and plan to try the remaining dishes within the next year. Here are my reviews of what I’ve tried so far.

#9 Neptune Oyster‘s Maine Lobster Roll
There are two options: served hot with butter, or cold with mayo. I’ve only tackled the hot version and …


A Refreshing Summer Salad!

Too hot to cook indoors! Finally the weather is fantastic! Try this refreshing salad and addictive salad dressing from Aarti Sequeira, winner Season 6 of The Next Food Network Star.
I truly don’t know why it is called an Ugly Duckling Salad.  The salad is refreshing and crisp. The salad dressing, I can eat by the spoonful; the dressing is that good and I enjoy any leftover dressing!  Easy to make and wonderful to eat, this is a salad you will enjoy!
The Ugly Duckling Salad
Recipe courtesy Aarti Sequeira, 2010
Prep Time: 30 min
Level: Easy
Serves: 4

1/2 cup shelled pistachio nuts, plus more …


Gail Simmons weighs in on Top Chef Masters.

Bravo’s TV’s “Top Chef Masters” May 11 show had  Gail Simmons, expert judge, food critic, with years of distinguished culinary expertise join expert Chef Curtis Stone, and accomplished food critic James Oseland at the judge’s table.
What excitement to have three culinary powerhouses at the judges table.  I think that all three have masterful communication skills using food language that helps this viewer better understand how each chef’s philosophy and inspiration has been translated to the plate. Not only that, I have an even better perspective of both front and back of the house because of …


Behind the scenes at Blue Ginger!

Every year of Boston Bakes, we do a quick photo shoot which is always an enjoyable experience to help kick-off Boston Bakes. This year we went to Blue Ginger in Wellesley to do the photo shoot with the Chef Ming Tsai and his pastry chef extraordinaire Michele Fadden.
Blue Ginger has participated in Boston Bakes for the past 12 years!  I remember speaking with Polly Tsai and asking her to participate in Boston Bakes and she said yes and Blue Ginger has participated ever since.
It is amazing that in all the years since Blue Ginger has been opened, there has only …


Are American’s Ready for Spice Coast?


Are you ready for Fast Causal Indian Food?
This week on America’s Next Great Restaurant, the question was posed, are American’s ready for fast/casual indian food?    After a presenting a “mushy” indian burger for the kids and families meal concept,Sudhir Kandula of Spice Coast was  at judges table.  Judge Bobby Flay, Chef/Restaurant Owner posed the question, “Are American’s ready for fast/casual Indian Cuisine?”
Interestingly,  Chipotle Owner Steve Ells reminded the judges that American families and children learned to love Mexican food, as it is served at Chipotle. In other words, years ago, when Chipotle first opened, the food was different at the onset, but the …