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Strange Bedfellows Ivy’s Story

As if divorce, breast cancer and chemo wasn’t enough, Hurricane Sandy blew me out of my cozy oceanfront Long Beach apartment and into my ex husband’s bachelor pad.
On the morning of Monday, October 28, 2012, my eight year old son and I had finished pasting three bats on our windows, trying to get into the Halloween mood. A storm brewing off of the East coast was headed for the Tri -State area. On the Friday before the weekend, they’d cancelled my son’s school preparing for the storm to hit land. By Sunday the camera crews from the networks that descended …


Tis the Season for Giving and Getting Involved!

We honestly don’t know where the time goes. Yesterday it seems summer just started and now the trees are bare.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month came and went already!  When you are young and in school the school year seems to last forever.  As you get older, time goes quickly.
We did not write much about Breast Cancer Awareness Month because we feel Bakes for Breast Cancer is pink 24/7 365!  All year long we are pink and work hard to raise money for breast cancer!  There is not a day that goes by where we don’t work on our events- Boston …


Metastatic Breast Cancer

When people hear the words metastatic breast cancer, A lot of them have no idea what it means. I know we hear a lot of talk about breast cancer in the month of October. Yet very little about male breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer means that cancer has traveled outside of the breast area. It usually spreads to the bones, brain, lung or liver. At this point it is considered stage four, with no cure. It is considered a terminal disease at that point. They are trying to make it a chronic disease. This also means …


Hitching a Ride

Will an emerging cancer therapy that links potent drugs to tumor-seekers take the place of standard chemotherapy?
by Elizabeth Dougherty

Eric Winer, MD (left), has been leading clinical trials at DF/BWCC focusing on the antibody-drug conjugate T-DM1.

Sarah Merchant was working as a Web designer in Boston when, at age 28, she was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Surgery, radiation, and a series of chemotherapy regimens followed, as did nerve damage, hair loss, and a general decline in her health.
Then Merchant heard about T-DM1, a trial drug promising the effectiveness of chemotherapy without the toxicity. “I wanted to get into that …


For My Mother

I could feel the vibrations through my pocket , the never ending buzz caused me to stop in my tracks . My voicemail begins to play , and the heaviness in my father’s voice fills the silence of the airy night. ” I have been trying to reach you , I know you must be working but I wanted to tell you that your mother was in the hospital earlier…call me when you get a chance” he said.
It was around 8:00 p.m. and I had just left work, I was walking to the train station to go home when I …


An Update from Cameron

Hi Everyone,
My name is Cameron Von St. James, some of you may remember me from my guest post about my wife’s cancer battle a while back.  My wife, Heather was diagnosed with a rare and extremely deadly form of cancer called mesothelioma 7 years ago.  Heather had just given birth to our first and only child, Lily, three months before the diagnosis. It was devastating news, but thankfully with the best treatment available, she was able to fight back and eventually beat the cancer!  She remains healthy and cancer free to this day. Now, both Heather and I work hard …


Cancer Death Rates Keep Dropping

A recent report from the nation’s leading cancer organizations shows that
death rates from all cancers for American men and women continued to
decline between 2000 and 2009. The findings come from the latest Annual
Report to the Nation on the Status a/Cancer.
Dana-Farber President and CEO
Edward Benz Jr., MD, says that while
improvements are needed, the results
are encouraging. “People are surviving
more and we are getting better at preventing
some cancers,” said Benz. “But
we’re not taking advantage of all the
ways to detect cancers at an early stage when they can be the most curable.”
The overall cancer incidence rate decreased for men and remained stable for
women. While …


A Message from Peter- THE CANCER IS BACK

Since today is Memorial Day and we celebrate those who have served our country, I have chosen today to share this message from our friend Peter Devereaux.  Peter served our country and was based at Camp Lejeune. He is one of the many men based at Camp Lejeune who developed male breast cancer.
A Message from Peter- THE CANCER IS BACK
May 2013
My treatment stopped working. My cancer had a chance to grow and get inflamed. We have already started a new treatment and they are hopeful for great results. These are the challenging times when my body is extremely sore with …


My Story -Testing for the Breast Cancer Gene

Angelina Jolie decision to share her story about being tested for the breast cancer gene and undergoing a double mastectomy is major and will help so many men and women.  It is incredible that as such a public figure, she was able to keep her story private until she wanted to share it with the world.
Shared it now is!
Since writing her story on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times, every newspaper, news cast and social media is abuzz with her story. Her honesty and truthfulness will help many make a very tough decision.
Here is my story about how …


Jill’s Story

After a breast cancer diagnosis from her local oncologist, Jill arrived at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for a second opinion.  During a time of uncertainty, Jill was comforted by the professional and compassionate staff at Dana-Farber.  When Jill worries she’ll have to circle the garage for a parking spot, she is greeted by valet staff.  When she is hungry during appointment-filled days, she goes to a snack station conveniently located on her clinical floor.  And when Jill has questions, her physicians, surgeons and entire care team are there to support her through treatment.  Dana-Farber is a special place that defines level …