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Tis the Season for Giving and Getting Involved!

We honestly don’t know where the time goes. Yesterday it seems summer just started and now the trees are bare.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month came and went already!  When you are young and in school the school year seems to last forever.  As you get older, time goes quickly.
We did not write much about Breast Cancer Awareness Month because we feel Bakes for Breast Cancer is pink 24/7 365!  All year long we are pink and work hard to raise money for breast cancer!  There is not a day that goes by where we don’t work on our events- Boston …


Oh My What a Week it Was!

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013 is now history!  The work has been done, the desserts have been enjoyed! Soon we will be letting you know about Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2014!
Let’s savor the results and efforts of Boston Bakes 2013 for a little while longer!
What a week it was!  Boston Bakes 2013 was dedicated to a very special and kind woman who lost her battle to breast cancer, Anna Guarino at the age of 60.  She gave so much to her family and community and is missed by all who knew her.  She lives in the heart of …


Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013! We are open for Business!

Save the Date!  May 6-12, 2013 for the Fourteenth Annual Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer! Save Room for Dessert! Help us raise money for Breast Cancer!
We are proud to announce that Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2013 is dedicated to the memory of Anna Guarino, aunt of our longtime friend Joanna Roffo from Regan Communications Group who has helped and supported Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer for many years
I encourage you to read more of Anna’s story!  As time goes on you will know more of what a very special and generous woman Anna was and how greatly she is …


Calling All Sandwiches

eggplant panini from
The sandwich has been a luncheon trademark for as long as I can remember. Satisfying and nutritious, there are endless options waiting to be stuffed between a couple slices of bread for a mid-day meal. From club sandwiches to tea sandwiches to wraps and flat-breads; one of my most beloved has to be the Panini.
Crispy on the outside with a golden crust and a warm, melty inside makes the panini irresistible.
And now you no longer have to eat-out to get your panini fix. The Giada Gourmet Panini Maker from Target is what you’ve been waiting for. It’s …


Oh My, Pizza Pie!

grilled pizza from
Summertime means bbq‘s in the back yard every night. So finding new things to throw on the grill is a must, because no matter how tasty the burgers and dogs might be you have to add some variety to the mix.
There are so many things you can grill up for dinner from bbq chicken to swordfish steaks to kabobs of peppers and eggplant. I’ve even heard of grilled watermelon as a substitute for a burger. But one of my favorite things to cook on the grill has to be pizza.
Grilled pizza takes practice. You can’t just do …


Bye Bye Boston Bakes 2012!

There are 168 hours in the week of Boston Bakes and the number of hours to put the event all together endless! One week ago today, I started the day quite early around 5 am, desserts in hand getting ready to meet my team at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to do our annual radio and TV ­drop-offs.  It is a long time tradition of driving to radio stations and TV stations during the morning drive time dropping off desserts and changing the radio station to hear the stations talk about Boston Bakes and the desserts they just sampled.
Then it was off …


Garlic Gone Wild

Is there any such thing as too much garlic? Some would say yes, and I used to be the first to agree. But over the past couple of years I stopped caring about my fresh breath and started indulging in the delicious flavor whenever possible.
garlic from
When I think of my favorite fully garlic-loaded food my mother’s caesar salad is the first thing that comes to mind. Her homemade dressing isn’t creamy like the typical caesar dressing you’re probably used to. Instead, it’s olive oil based with lots of lemon juice and A LOT of fresh garlic. She even tosses …


Slap Happy

Last week while I was chatting on the phone with my cousin who lives in Salem, MA, she mentioned her newest kitchen gadget that she just can’t get enough of. When I told her that I’d never heard of it she was taken aback. So I did a little research of my own, and I, too, soon became seduced by the wonder of what is the Slap Chop.
A small, handheld device, with a hollow core and a W-shaped blade concealed within the body of the gadget, the Slap Chop minces and dices a plethora of foods. By “slapping” the lever on the …


Thanks Carrots ‘N’ Cake for sharing Boston Bakes Kick-Off!

We at Boston Bakes would like to share this blog from Carrots ‘n’ Cake about Boston Bakes kick-off celebrations held at the BCAE (Boston Center for Adult Education)! What a wonderful way to kick-off this year’s event. We thank the BCAE for their kind hospitality and beautiful facilities, the chefs that participated and the press that wrote about us! What a wonderful morning it was!
We hope you enjoy this nice blog about our kick-off!
12th Annual Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer
May 2, 2011

This morning, I had the pleasure of attending a special event/press conference at the Boston Center for …


This dessert is for Colleen!

Boston Bakes 2011 was dedicated to the memory of our friend Colleen O’Farrell who we saw each year when we would visit the Fox 25 studio in Dedham during the week of Boston Bakes.
All the desserts I enjoyed this week I thought about Colleen O’Farrell just as her husband Pete asked during the Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer Kick-off press conference at the BCAE! As you can see in this very touching story which aired on NECN last week.
NECN -Boston Bakes Kick-off

Pete O’Farrell asked that when we enjoyed the desserts from the week of Boston Bakes we remember his wife …