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As my travels in Italy continue, one of the things I enjoy each time I visit Italy is having something so simple as a cappuccino. Little things make me so happy! During my visit to Livorno, on the Tuscany coast, I try to belly up to the bar each morning for my cappuccino. Here in Italy unlike the states, cappuccino is a morning beverage.

There are so many bars in the neighborhood, in walking distance that I have stopped counting the number of bars. Whereas in the States, every cappuccino is a bit different. Here in Italy,each cappuccino is as good as the previous and will be as good as the next.

The cappuccino is always served with a spoon because after all the leftover foam is the best part! What I admire most in Italy is the speed in which they make the cappuccino and espresso in! There is no wait, just order and there it is! Tomorrow is another day and another cappuccino!



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