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Burrito Dave’s It is all about the Food and the People!

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So what do you do if you are Karen & Dave running Burrito Dave’s?   You get a website so everyone knows where you are and the food you serve!  You keep the food fresh and the cooking slow and good!    You make the best burritos, quesadillas and tacos!  You slow cook the meats, make fresh salsa verde and guacamole and offer it at reasonable prices!

You keep it light and fun and enjoy meeting the wonderful people that come up to your window.  You get to know your patrons and love when after they get their order they come back in a little while for more!  You love when a patron from the day before stops by and says how he really enjoyed yesterday’s lunch while passing by.

I tried a taco and it was good, it was really good and by the time I got home, I wish I had ordered more than one!  Dave has heard that comment from others as well!  It was fun to stand by their window, place my order and talk to the others waiting for their food while your food is being prepared.

Did you know you can call Dave’s cell phone and place your order!  I learned that from reading their website, if I had the phone number I might have just have called and driven back to the truck for another taco!  Hopefully in time, you might be able to e-mail your order as well.

If you are passing through Needham, don’t forget to stop at Burrito Dave’s for a great meal.  If you are like me, you just might be making frequent visits to their food truck.  It can become a good habit!

Did I mention you can find Burrito Dave’s on Facebook and Twitter?


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