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What’s the best way to start a Sunday morning? With brunch! Boston offers a ton of brunch options, just walk down any main street on a weekend morning and you’ll see for yourself. Every time the topic of brunch gets brought up, someone always asks me if I’ve been to the Pour House and proceeds to rave about how amazing their brunch is. Their brunch seems to be legendary in Boston. This past Sunday I finally decided to check it out.


The Pour House is located on Boylston Street, right across from the Prudential Center. It looks small from the outside, but the restaurant is actually pretty big, and also offers a down stairs with a full bar and more seating. It was crowded, but my friend and I managed to find a small table way in the back. They have a lot of large booths, so if you have a big group with you, this is an ideal place. It has a really lively atmosphere, even for a Sunday morning.

For food, I ordered the pumpkin pie pancakes and the home fries. The home fries were tiny and crispy, my favorite kind. The pancakes were delicious! If you’re the kind of person who gets everything in pumpkin flavor during autumn, then you’ll love these. They come as an entree option, but you can order just a single pancake if you want to try them and still get something else. My favorite part of brunch was the drinks. I got a mimosa, and my friend got a bloody mary. The drinks were big (the bloody mary is served in a 22 ounce mug), and super cheap compared to other brunch places in the city. Both drinks were only $6 each. If your looking for a fun brunch place that won’t make you ruin your budget for the week, I would definitely recommend the Pour House.


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