Breakfast the Sweetest Meal of the Day!

I was going to write today about the wonderful meals that I enjoyed while I was in Italy but I think that will wait for my next blog!  I have so many feelings about the food I enjoyed I truly don’t know where to begin!  Except to say I was incredibly spoiled while I was there!

But let’s start with breakfast first before I talk about lunch and dinner while I was in Italy! It is all about the sweets for me!  You don’t think that it is coincidence that I raise money for breast cancer one sweet at a time.   Ever since I was a kid I loved sweets for breakfast.  If I could have gotten away with eating Oreo’s for breakfast before I went to school, I would have!  But muffins, chocolate babka , danish, and any other breakfast pastry was and is an ideal breakfast for me!  For some reason it is only when I travel that I allow myself this indulgence which is something I think I need to rethink especially with some of the breakfast pastries I have seen locally!

Here I am in Italy and some mornings before I went to the market, I would stop for fresh squeezed orange juice, a cappuccino, and pastry at one of the bars on the way! Each pastry or donut was fresh and delicious.  If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, these pictures are priceless!  I remember the taste of each!

breakfast Italy

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