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For years watching Sex and the City on HBO, I would catch a glimpse of the “girls” on the roof top of a Manhattan building enjoying themselves with wonderful cocktails and great views. I did not know anywhere in Boston like it.  Well now I do!

The Seaport area of Boston is exploding with activity! Where are all these people coming from?  This area is busy and buzzing with people enjoying the harbor side and all the new bars and restaurants that have recently opened.  Many of the new restaurants as of now don’t take reservations and waits can be long so be prepared!

I decide to check out the roof deck of the new Legal Harborside where I am told there is  usually a long wait to get up to the roof deck.  Friends said when they were there recently  the wait was over an hour  to get up to the roof deck.

How lucky I was when recently there was no wait to get up to the 3rd floor, the roofdeck of the new Legal Harborside! You must show your id and get your hand stamped to go to the roof deck. Once I was stamped I walked the curved steps and was on my way.  I found people of all ages enjoying the bar, couches and the views of Boston on a lovely summer’s evening!

What a beautiful way to spend an evening!  I found a couch and enjoyed wonderful cocktails and a great view.  The smell of the being on the waterfront is something I enjoy so much. The Bank of America Pavilion is not too far away from Legal Harborside.  The only problem I had was the sounds from the concert from Bank of America Pavilion was bouncing off the water and the buildings nearby and was in conflict with the music being played at Legal’s. But I got use to it and being on the roof deck and enjoying the views made up for anything!

Go visit the roofdeck on the 3rd floor of Legal Harborside in Boston! It is worth a visit and another visit after that one!

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