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Boston Bakes loves CupCakes!

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Fast forward to the new cupcake craze where recipes for cupcakes are available on line, cupcake cookbooks and blogs are being written, stores selling just cupcakes are coming to a community near you and yes all the cupcake merchandise available for you to purchase is big business!  Is this cupcake faze here for the long term remains to be seen but it is here now for all of us to enjoy!

The good thing is you can go to as many cupcake bakeries as you would like and from my tasting experiences each cupcake bakery’s goods taste unique. The varieties of cupcakes offered are varied and limited only by imagination but there are always the basic staples of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet for you to enjoy. Each bakery’s recipe is different and they won’t taste the same no matter what type you get or where you buy them.  So you can go to as many cupcake bakeries as you want and try them all.

Who would have guessed the types are cakes which come in several sizes at some bakeries are as varied as the frosting and decorations that covers the cupcake!  So as you gaze into the cupcake case, take your time for there is much to digest before you pick the one!  And if you like icing some cupcake bakeries will even sell you a shot of icing on the side!

What makes a good cupcake and can you have a bad cupcake?  This is all up to the taster to decide.  For me cupcakes are hard to bake.  A good recipe is a must for the perfect cupcake and if they are baked a minute too long even a good cupcake will be dry and the frosting won’t help make it any better!

Each year, our fundraiser Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer is very lucky to have many of our participants bake the perfect cupcake to benefit breast cancer research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.


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