Boston Bake for Breast Cancer 2011 is Dedicated to the Memory of Colleen O'Farrell

We are proud to announce that Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer 2011 is dedicated to the Memory of Colleen O’Farrell, a loving wife and mother of two young children who lost her battle with breast cancer in January of 2010.

Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer got to know and see Colleen every year when we would bring desserts from our participants to the Fox 25 Dedham studio for our Boston Bakes segments on the Fox 25 Morning News Show. Colleen was a part of the team having joined the morning show as a studio technician in 2003, began as a writer for WFXT and worked in the news operation department.

In May, 2008 at a kick off celebration for Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer at Finale, Kim Carrigan, our spokesperson and co-host of the Fox 25 Morning News told us how the Fox 25 team had been touched by breast cancer and told us about Colleen.  Kim’s story was told from the heart and she wore her feelings on her sleeve as she shared in detail how breast cancer had affected their home at Fox and their dear friend and colleague Colleen O’Farrell.

Even while Colleen was going through her battle with Triple Negative breast cancer, each May when we would be at the Fox 25 Dedham studio, there was Colleen working.  We spoke and I wished her the best and prayed that there would be a way she would be a survivor because she fought this disease with all that she had.  I want all those going through breast cancer to be survivors.

May of 2010 was the first year Colleen was not with us at the studio having lost her battle with breast cancer in January.  Her colleagues miss her!  I remember standing next to one of Colleen’s colleagues as she shed a few tears and mentioned how much she missed Colleen during one of our segments as we stood on the sidelines.

I knew one year, we would dedicate Boston Bakes to Colleen O’Farrell.  With her husband’s approval, this is the year!

As the year goes on, you will learn more about Colleen, the woman she was, the courageous battle she fought and the lives that she touched.

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