Blue Sky in Brooklyn – oh what a muffin!

A stop in Brooklyn took us to Blue Sky Bakery known for their muffins.  My biggest mistake was I only got one muffin and an ice coffee for the car trip back to Boston!  What was I thinking!  I was not thinking because after I started to eat the zucchini raspberry chocolate chip muffin I wish I had more for when I got home. By the time I started to eat the muffin, I was too far away to go back to Brooklyn!  Let me tell you it is worth a trip to Brooklyn to go to Blue Sky! Everything I read about them when I got home said the same thing great muffins!

This small quaint bakery is known for their muffins. At first, I did not know what to expect from the zucchini muffin but it did not taste like zucchini. The raspberries were fresh.  I really tasted the large pieces of raspberries in the muffin.  It was like the raspberries were not even baked.  By the time I started to eat the muffin which had been in the car for a while, the chocolate had started to melt just a bit.  It was wonderful!  What a combination of flavors and textures!  I can’t wait to go back soon.

If you are in Brooklyn visit them at 53 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11217.

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