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Several years ago for the first time ever, my daughter wanted to go to Old Navy to get cashmere sweaters on Black Friday at the unthinkable hour of 4am! Who was I to let her go alone! So off we went at 4am to Old Navy and then we both went home after just going to one store.  It was not too bad of an experience but I doubted if I ever really wanted to do it again! I am not much of a shopper to begin with. I am the type of shopper who shops when I need something, get it and leave.  Some will laugh that out of all the people they know I am the one out shopping on Black Friday!

Now we go to more than one store, the circulars are looked at and the route is carefully planned.  This year I did not know if I would be able to join my daughter on our Black Friday excursion.  I was exhausted from doing Thanksgiving and working hard on Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and did not know if I had it in me! But somehow, I woke up at 4 am and texted my daughter I was up and ready to go!  Our Black Friday shopping trip was meant to be!

We were on our way.  It was black out when we left with not too many cars on the road.  The stores where I waited on long lines last year had no lines to check out this year and the stores where there were no lines to check out last year, had the lines this year. Go figure!  Lesson learned – there is no way of predicting but if the lines to check out are too long, move on and go back later.

First stop, Old Navy, we were in and out in less than a half an hour which I believe had to do with the fact they had opened at midnight!  Lucky for us Starbucks was open and coffee was just what we needed to continue on. Target was next, check out lines too long, off to the mall instead.  My daughter and I decided to divide and conquer and meet up at Express where my daughter did extremely well.  The action in the mall was picking and by 9 am we were on our way back to Target where the long lines had disappeared.

But this is where I ran into problems!  I filled my cart up with things I needed for the house, nothing I needed to get on a Black Friday morning, but I was out so why not get what I needed for the house.  The person checking out before me did not have her Target credit card so her order was suspended and then my order began.  I could not believe how much I spent, I was shocked and then after I swiped my credit card and signed my name, the cash register crashed!  The employee told me to get back on another line and check out again even though everything was bagged and she left.  But how did I know the charge did not go through?

I just stood there speechless!  Finally we found someone else to speak to and I decided I wanted to know if the charge went through first even though Target felt it had not, so I left everything at the store and would find out the next day when Target had access to certain reports.

Off for a quick breakfast at McDonalds and home by 10 or 10:30, Black Friday could not have been easier.

So now it is Saturday, Black Friday just a memory but I needed to find out if I was or was not charged for the purchases I may or may not have made at Target!  It turns out the charge did not go through as they thought but feeling like I was getting a cold and somewhat exhausted, I was not up to going back so I thanked them and told them  to put it all back and I would come back to shop at another time.

Now time to prepare for Cyber Monday!


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