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Restaurant Technology

In the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the use of technology as far as food is concerned. You can order food online, pay online, look up restaurant reviews on the go, and scan menus of restaurants without leaving your house. And of course, there’s the cupcake ATM and Pinterest. So, in honor of that, here are a few apps and other innovative ways technology is influencing the way we dine out.

Picture Menus: Who hasn’t been at a restaurant, seen a plate of food, and thought, “This is so pretty I should take a picture?” Well, most people …


2013 Food City: Toronto

In the list they put together back in January, the editors at Epicurious named Toronto this year’s Food City. And as a native of the city (read: lived there for a year), I’ve decided to give a few reasons why I think it deserves the title.
First the reason why it was on the list: new restaurants. David Chang has three new spinoffs of his Manhattan-based tasting-menu restaurant Momofuku Ko – Shoto, Daisho, and Noodle Bar – which have really done much to raise the food status of the city. Chef Daniel Boulud also opened Café Boulud in the past year, …


Butterfinger Blondies

This past weekend, I decided to try something I’ve been meaning to for a while now – bake with candy bars. I remember seeing this picture on Tumblr of either Twix or Reese’s peanut butter cups in cookies or brownies and they looked delicious. I haven’t made them yet because I haven’t been able to find the exact recipe, although there are recipes that use both online. Instead, I made Butterfinger blondies using a recipe from
This is an incredibly easy recipe to follow and a quick one too.  And it doesn’t really need any fancy ingredients, just the stuff …


White Chocolate Cookies

It started off as a bid to use up all my white chocolate squares and ended as a lesson in substitution. I love white chocolate cookies so I decided that instead of buying chips, I would cut up the squares into chunks and use them in the recipe instead. I also had to substitute baking soda with baking powder. I’ve read that a good tip is using about twice the amount of baking powder as soda and omitting the salt in the recipe. I also left out brown sugar, adding a little bit more white to make up for it.
Overall, …


Easter the World Over

Easter is around the corner, and for many people that means elaborate ham or lamb dishes, delicious deviled eggs, and tons of chocolate. Different countries have their staple foods used to celebrate this holiday. Here’s a look at some desserts from around the world:
Hot Cross Buns: These buns are popular in North America but they originated in the UK. Currants and raisins are added to the buns and a cross is frosted across the top of them. Fun fact: the cross used at first to honor the four corners of the moon, but has now come to symbolize Jesus’ crucifixion. …


Trend Spotlight: Chia Seeds

Much like Quinoa, chia seeds are something that I’ve come across a lot lately, in articles and in stores. It’s not so much that they’re new but that they’re gaining in popularity and have made their way into energy bars and other snacks. So, in case you’re not really sure what all the fuss is about, here is a bit of information about them.
Chia seeds are native to Southwestern US, Mexico, and some parts of South America and they’ve been around for centuries. They come in either black or white but the black seeds are easier to find; …


2013 Cuisine: Brazilian part 2

My last post concentrated on desserts only, but seeing as this is the cuisine of the year, it is only proper to do a post on some of the main dishes served as well.
I will admit that I have only ever been to one Brazilian restaurant and the visit involved a lot of grilled meat or churrasco, which was delicious but just a little of what the country has to offer. The country is rich with a lot of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and root tubers. I’ve found that a lot of the food is similar to what I grew up …


2013 Cuisine: Brazilian (desserts)

According to, Brazilian cuisine will gain in popularity this year – most likely because the country is hosting the next World Cup (which isn’t until next year, but it’s never too early to start preparing for it, especially if that preparation involves delicious food).
There is so much to go into, from churrasco (barbeque) to feijoada, a thick stew of black beans, beef, and pork considered the national dish of Brazil, but I’ve decided to concentrate on desserts, highlighting five traditional Brazilian desserts compiled with the help of a Brazilian friend (this list is far from comprehensive).

Brigadeiro via
Brigadeiro: This …


Raspberry Coconut Squares

Raspberry Coconut Squares

The first time I had this dessert, I was at an after-service get together in my church gym. I fell in love with them almost immediately. I loved the subtleness of the bottom layer especially when contrasted with the sweetness of the filling and slightly roasted coconut flakes on the top. I was determined to get the recipe, but sadly, I’ve still not been able to find out which of the ladies at church made them. But that is why we have the Internet.
Since I was cooped up all weekend because of the storm, I decided to try …


Restaurant Trends

In all the lists about what will be big this year, restaurant trends appear on every one. What ingredients are chefs using now? What will influence their cooking? Are portion sizes increasing or decreasing? Chefs are always creating and combining, and while I can’t give you exact recipes from specific restaurants, there are a few things that are expected to pick up popularity this year.

Smaller, healthier portions: As I said in my last post, a big trend this year is eating healthy, what with things like gluten-free and reduced fat recipes continuing to grow. This trend continues in restaurants, with …