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B4BC speaks with Mei from Mei Mei Restaurant

A brightly colored chalkboard with lunch specials and lists of local farm partners greets you as you walk into Mei Mei Kitchen. The restaurant is fun and comfortable, but décor is almost irrelevant when the food is this dizzyingly good. The first time my friends and I tried Mei Mei was through take out. Chinese takeout sounds cliché, but Mei Mei is not your typical greasy fried rice and limp vegetables tucked into a white cardboard box. It would be a sin to even compare the two. We opened a plastic tub and inside, the beauty of a refined restaurant …


An Afternoon at Mistral

Walking into Mistral around noon, I almost expected to see some sort of secret, daytime chaos that would explain how the restaurant pulls off its perfectly orchestrated dinners. But the restaurant was pristine and silent, sunlight poured into the room through large windows, and the kitchen hummed quietly in the background. In a few hours, the restaurant would be lit only by the tentacles of chandeliers and filled with the clink of forks on plates and the murmur of wait staff getting to know their guests.
I met with Shane Gray, Mistral’s pastry chef, and Mark D’Alessandro, the general manager, at …


B4BC Meets: A Home Baker

There is a look that anyone who has successfully prepared a dessert wears when presenting his or her creation. It’s the smile of a toddler coming over to show you a particularly intricate Play Doh monster and it radiates a unique pride. Baking is fun because you are given a strict set of chemical and physical rules to which you must adhere, but you are working to create a product that is unique, beautiful, and tastes good to the largest array of taste buds you can.

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Christmas Gingerbread Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
When I …