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I'm a foodie with a penchant for healthy eating (and the occasional cupcake). Like so many of us, breast cancer has touched my life. Although we can't predict what life will bring, I believe it's important to fortify your body with natural, healthful cooking. Find my other blog at


I hope everyone’s been using this week as an excuse to indulge at local bakeries and restaurants. Boston is full of delicious desserts, and restaurants participating in Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer are donating a portion to their profits in the name of breast cancer research and patient care. See the complete list here!
Since you’ve got dessert covered, let’s talk dinner.

It seems like shakshuka has been all over the food blogs in the past few months, and for good reason. I had never had it until my friend suggested I make it, and since then, it’s become an almost weekly …


Quinoa crumbs

I’m always looking for ways to make my salads more interesting. Getting your greens is important, especially because there’s a link between eating more cruciferous veggies and survival for women with breast cancer.
But salads aren’t just about the greens: it’s important to top them with healthy options, too. Put away those fake bacon bits! If you want a little crunch, all you need is to make some quinoa crumbs.
Quinoa has been a healthy pantry darling for a while now, because of its high protein and fiber content (among other things). But I’ve only recently begun to see people toasting them …


Peachy keen smoothie

A recent study may show that peaches may slow the growth and ability to spread of breast cancer cells. Did you really need an excuse to eat more peaches? But, if you’re stuck in the northeast where we had snow on the ground yesterday (in mid-April!), fresh peaches may be out of the question.
That’s ok! Did you know that frozen fruits and vegetables often have more nutrients than their fresh counterparts because they’re frozen at their peak of ripeness? And you know what frozen fruit means…smoothies! This recipe calls for a cup of frozen peaches, which I estimate is about …


Why you should make your own stock

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been a little under the weather. Luckily, a freezer full of homemade chicken stock came to the rescue.

Making my own stock is one of my favorite things to do. It requires at least a 6-hour span of time at home, but the whole house is filled with the relaxing, homey scent of soup on the stove. It also requires that you have some chicken bones laying around. Whenever we cook a whole chicken or bone-in thighs or even chicken wings, we save them and pop them in the freezer. That …


Sweet potato and Black Bean Parfaits

Sometimes I put on airs. I just like to be fancy on a semi-regular basis. But a lot of the time, I just fake myself out so I think I’m being fancier than I really am. That means pouring cheap gin into Hendrick’s bottles, eating ice cream out of dainty dessert glasses, and always drinking seltzer. (Why drink still water when you can have bubbly?)
A good way to achieve health in your snobbery is to put on airs at lunch. Bringing lunch to work isn’t the fanciest occupation, especially when it’s comprised of the lowly potatoes and beans. Unless you call it …


Roasted chickpeas

One of my pitfalls when it comes to healthy eating is snacks. I’ll have a nice bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, a smoothie for a mid-morning snack, a salad for lunch…and then a bag of chips. Or a few cookies. Or some candy. Most of the time, it’s not that I crave those specific foods – I just want salty or sweet. So when I discovered roasted chickpeas last week, I was ecstatic. A healthy food made even more delicious, that satisfies the urge for crunchy and salty? You bet. Not only do I snack on them, I add them to …


Green tea latte

It seems like this winter is extra snowy, doesn’t it? It looks like we’re in for another storm today. Last week when the blizzard hit, I was able to work from home, and instead of trekking through the snow, I got to enjoy it from my window (in my pj’s) with a nice hot green tea latte.
Green tea lattes are made with matcha, a powdered green tea. Traditionally, it’s served in a bowl with a whisk to mix it into the hot water. It’s strong and grassy, and even healthier for you than normal green tea, since you’re actually consuming …


Sweet potato hummus

I could eat hummus every day. Chickpeas, the main ingredient in hummus, are a great source of protein, and may even have cancer-fighting properties. Plus, it’s so simple to make.
Although most of the time I just make a traditional garlic and lemon recipe, this week I had some extra sweet potatoes lying around and I thought I’d try something new. I roasted the sweet potatoes to bring out their sweetness, and added them in with a little garam masala, an Indian spice blend with coriander, cumin, and cinnamon.
Scoop it some up with broccoli florets or homemade pita.

Sweet potato hummus

2 small …


Wheat pita

Fresh bread is one of the best indulgences, but it doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. There’s something therapeutic about biting into a chewy, toothsome pita, especially after kneading it yourself. Pita is easy to make, and without any added chemicals and preservatives, it can be a great addition to your diet. I love to eat it with hummus and veggies.

Wheat pita
1 3/4 wheat flour
1/2 cup white flour
1 cup warm water
2 1/2 tsp yeast
1 tsp honey
Measure yeast and honey into warm water. Leave alone about 5 minutes, until yeast has dissolved and mixture is foamy. Pour flours in large …


Baked egg in a pepper

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. The festivities are over, the tinsel taken down, the tree on the curb, and the diet regimen started. It’s not all humdrum and drab, though! Baking eggs in a bell pepper half is one of my favorite breakfast dishes, and it’s healthy to boot. It can be hard to increase your veggie intake, especially for breakfast, but this is a great way to start. Plus, this is just one variation. Play around with the spices, add a little pancetta – whatever you’re in the mood for!

Baked egg in a pepper
For two
1 bell …