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Starbucks collaborates with Lady Gaga

While working today in the usual Starbucks office, I’m finding my ears being bombarded with Lady Gaga’s new album, Born This Way, which was just released yesterday. People were encouraged to stop by yesterday between 3pm and 5pm in Gaga-esque attire for a dance party, and to pick up her album as well as one of their delicious offerings. I, unfortunately missed out on these gatherings. After hearing about this event, I felt inclined to inquire with the manager at the Starbucks in the North End if anyone happened to come here yesterday Gaga-ed up, unfortunately this was not one of the locations where Gaga lovers …


Boston Bakes takes the cake on Fox 25

What an exciting day today for Boston Bakes! Full speed ahead and on day three.  We started off the day at Fox News 25 in Dedham to showcase Boston Bakes participants desserts on the Fox 25 Morning Show.
A Banoffi pie, strawberry shortcake cupcake and cookie box were on the mainstage today with the ever-friendly news anchors from Fox25. Safe to say we all started our day off with our sweet-tooth satisfied.
Chef  Ken McCluskey of JJ Foley’s in South Boston brought their Banoffi pie to showcase, as he was plating the dish, we got to see all of the time that goes …