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My grandmother lived with us when I was growing up, although I had been told she was a wonderful cook, in our house she hardly cooked.  One of the few things I remember her making was her lima beans and marrow bone, a hearty soup that is a meal on its own.

As a kid I would remember her cutting 7 onions but that was well before the large Vidalia onions were available and it was always a treat for us when she made the soup, but I must admit the soup is an acquired taste.

It is easy to make, takes only a few ingredients but hours on the stove until it is ready.  The soup is great on the second day, but you need to add a little water to get the consistency you want before you put it into the microwave.

Now the trend in many restaurants is the use of marrow bones.  My grandmother knew the secret of marrow bones long before the chefs of today.

So try my grandmother’s recipe for Lima Beans & Marrow Bone Soup.  It is a recipe without exact measurements but tasting the soup as it is almost ready will help you adjust the flavors. You can also cut the recipe in half if you would like!  It is especially good on a cold winter day!

Grandma’s Lima Beans and Marrow Bones Soup

3-4 Vidalia onions sliced

2 bags of dried lima beans

4 nice sized marrow bones, one more if you would like!

Water to cover

Salt to taste, I prefer Kosher salt

In a good sized soup pot, add the onions, lima beans, marrow bones and water to cover

Cook on med to low heat and cover.

Check often and if the soup appears to not have enough water, add more to cover

Stir occasionally so whatever ingredients on the bottom do not burn.

Gradually add salt as the soup cooks

The soup can cook for 3 or more hours, when it seems to be ready taste and adjust seasonings with salt.

Serve the soup, with our without the bones.   But make sure you take the marrow out of the bones and add it to the soup.  Add a bit more kosher salt before serving.

It could not be easier!


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