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George Eliot, the female novelist once said, “The important work of moving the world forward does not wait to be done by perfect men.”

Founders Story

Founder and President of Bakes for Breast Cancer

Carol Brownman Sneider

For Carol Brownman Sneider, no work is more important than the work being done in the area of breast cancer research and care. That is why she is passionate about accelerating the progress being made in the search for a cure.

At the age of sixteen, Carol suffered the loss of her mother to breast cancer.  Her mother, Eva Brownman, was just 44 years old. In 1973 the odds of a women getting breast cancer were one in 20. However, in the 70’s, no one spoke openly about breast cancer.  It was often kept secret and rarely discussed. As a result, only a few family members knew of Carol’s mother’s diagnosis. Eva’s battle with breast cancer remained a secret from Carol and her sister until a month before she passed because that is how her mother wanted it.

As Carol grew up she believed that by adulthood, medical science would have found a cure for breast cancer and that the pain and torment her family had suffered would never again need to be experienced by anyone. She believed, by the time she was a mother, breast cancer would certainly be eradicated from the world.

As we know, this was not the case.  With her strong family history of breast cancer, Carol became worried. When Carol had her own daughter she wanted to make sure she saw her daughter grow up, something her own mother did not get the chance to see.  She knew she had to do something and entered into the world of fundraising to raise money for breast cancer research in 1990.

Today, Carol dedicates her time to raising the much needed funds for breast cancer research through dessert oriented events. Her hope is to help find a cure for breast cancer in her lifetime. She fundraises for a future where no child will ever lose a mother to breast cancer again.

Through the events of The Eva Brownman Breast Cancer Fund [1990-1999] and Bakes for Breast Cancer [1999-present], Carol has raised over 2 million dollars and counting.

She needs your help to continue in the fight against this disease. Together, the Bakes for Breast Cancer team believes we can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer that touches so many men and women we know and love.

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Bakes for Breast Cancer

Board of Directors

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