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Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. It also the day of the Boston Marathon where runners from across the world came to run the 117th Boston Marathon.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about the Marathon and the finish line and compared it to our event Boston Bakes for Breast Cancer and soon we will be making it to the finish line. I used a photo of the finish line.  I never could image the events of the day that would unfold after I wrote and posted my blog.

It was to become a day of great sadness, a day we will never forget and a day that will change The Boston Marathon and Patriots Day forever.  We will get through this in time but we will never forget.

Never could I image the events that would unfold Monday afternoon when two explosions were detonated at a time when the majority of the runners would be crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon with many of spectators waiting at the sidelines and in the stands.   More explosives were found and were detonated by police.  It is all still hard to understand and process.


Martin, an 8 year old boy from Dorchester was killed yesterday, his mother hospitalized, one of his sisters injured.  Over 140 injured many losing limbs, 3 dead, and a war zone in downtown Boston. Yesterday the unthinkable became reality and all in less than a minute.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured and their families as well to those who witnessed these horrific events that will be forever etched in their minds.

Gratitude goes to those responders who rushed into help and to those civilians who chose to do the same. This is what makes us a great city and a great country because of a natural instinct to help no matter of the risk.

It is another sunny day in Boston, I feel numb and great sadness. Before the race I heard news reports that authorities scanned the area for bombs. It just goes to show how things can change. How simple bombs can be hidden when someone sets their mind to doing something evil and causing harm to innocent children and adults.

Who has done this terrible act?  We don’t know yet. As time goes on we will learn more.  We will get answers and arrests will be made.

Do we look over our shoulders now?  Of course we will!  But will those responsible for these horrible atrocities win?  No! It was a cowardly act and as a city and a country we will come together.

I take a quote from the Facebook page of author Dennis Lehane – “So proud to be a Bostonian tonight. So brokenhearted to be one, too.”

It is the way so many of us living here feel.

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