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I could not use another title. Being a former marathoner, doing Boston like ten times, I can’t help but be touched  in so many ways by this bombing. I have a few of my friends still running in this great event and many others watching it.

Luckily none of friends or family got hurt. My thoughts and energy go out to to all who were victims of this event. I will not give these horrible people any of my energy, it reminds us that there are still some bad people in the world. What I would love to focus is all the first responders, volunteers, doctors and everyone that helped bring this event to an end. I have so much praise to go out to all the great heroes. Everyone who was there to help and of course all the medical people still on the case. Every time we have such a devastating event, it give us a chance for growth and to become better people.

In closing, I have to bring up the devastating effects of Metastatic breast cancer. We all have lost 2 spectactular and courageous women this month Bridget and Maureen. Please them and their families in your thoughts and always send out Love.


Peter Devereaux

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