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A Moment of Silence

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At 2:50 PM, there will be a moment of silence for it was at 2:50 PM one week ago during the Boston Marathon that two explosives were detonated killing 3 and injuring over 170 – all innocent people enjoying a beautiful day and tradition that occurs each year on Patriots Day.

It was a day that united our cities and towns in Massachusetts together and continues to unite us. The first responders and those nearby helped those in need without thinking twice. The many agencies worked together to rapidly to capture one of the suspects and killing the other suspect; risking their lives for our lives.

Amazing that when you want to work together for the good of all, egos left at the door and doing the work for and of the people things get done!  Washington can take a lesson from Boston on how to get things done!

I never thought that in less than one week the suspects would be caught or dead.  So much credit goes to all who worked on the case, the many police departments and Federal agencies.  They deserved the cheers Friday evening when getting the second suspect was completed.

I cannot imagine the feelings of all those who witnessed the attack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon are going through. I can’t imagine the feelings of all the civilian and responders who helped.  I can’t imagine how it feels to have a loved one injured or to lose a loved one from the events that happened last week. I was not there. I saw it while I was working from home.

My feelings are different! The saying goes once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.  No matter how long I have been in Boston, I was always a New Yorker first, you just can’t take the New York out of New Yorker.

But that changed for me last Monday.  I am proud to say I am from Boston.  It made me realize so much and I am stronger for it.  The events of last week showed that Boston is strong and we are united. Then the work will continue, the healing for those injured and for those who responded.  Work will begin on piecing all the information together on this case.

Our spirit and unity brings us together and at 2:50 PM today we will be silent.


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