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A Chocolate Frappe!

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One of the hardest parts of losing Sweet Pea was the first time I came back into the house and she was not there.  Food was and is still not appealing to me but the one comfort I indulged in was having a chocolate frappe from Lizzie’s Home Made Ice Cream.   Just like when I was younger a coffee fribble from Friendly’s would always make a sore throat better, a chocolate frappe was my medicine for heartbreak.

What is a frappe? Well depending upon where you live it could be called a thick shake, a milk shake or a frappe.  It is a cold beverage made with ice cream, milk and syrups blended to a perfect thick drink.  It is almost like drinking pure ice cream.  A good frappe is thick that when it goes through the straw, the straw collapses but it still goes through the straw.  A good frappe is when you don’t stop drinking it until it is all gone and is as cold when you get to the bottom of the cup as when you first started drinking it.   When you are done, you still want more!

This describes the chocolate frappe I had a Lizzie’s Home Made Ice Cream.  It was perfect and gave me comfort.

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